ERP and IT service flat rates

A monthly fixed price for all services

The COMPflat is exactly the right solution for all small and medium-sized companies who want to enjoy the full range of services. You have the choice between the “ERP Service” flat rate and the “IT Service”flat rate. With the ERP flat rate, your SAP Business One system is professionally supported, with the IT flat rate you outsource your entire IT monitoring. Both flat rates can be adapted to your needs with various options. A monthly fixed price also applies when choosing these options

ERP Service Flatrate

By opting for our flat rate, you secure ERP service at the highest level at a flat monthly fee. We ensure you the best possible working ERP platform, which is optimally adapted to your company, so that we make many work processes easier for you. We support you and offer daily support with short reaction times.
  • Analysis and process advice
  • Customizing and development
  • Installation and implementation
  • Advice and support
  • Maintenance and monitoring
  • Training

IT Service Flatrate

With our IT service flat rate, you receive a well-defined package of services at a monthly flat rate. We regularly check whether your backups are working, the processes are running smoothly or any problems are pending on your systems. In this way, we recognize the risk of downtime early and take specific action against it.

  • Advanced surveillance
  • Real-time control
  • Backup control
  • service call
  • Problem identification
  • Error identification

A service flat rate from offers you these advantages

Calculable costs

You have complete cost control so that you can look to the future with the COMPflat in a calculable manner and on budget. Choose a service package tailored to your needs at a fixed monthly price.

Less time spent

A seamless service entry is available to your employees on the go on the go.
The web and mobile clients ensure the flexibility that you require. Even documents can be managed centrally and maintained in a version-safe manner.

Fixed service package

You decide on one of the two flat rates and add your options if necessary. Then you know exactly which capacities you can reliably access in the future. And you already know the exact monthly price for it.

Short response times

What are the actual costs of your IT if you add up personnel expenses, licenses, purchases etc.? With our flat rates, costs are not only lower, but also more calculable.

Service hours not used do not expire

Maintenance and support

A dedicated support hotline is available for technical questions. In the event of defects, you will receive an immediate error analysis from us. If a repair is necessary, we will provide you with an equivalent loan device.

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Steffen Hampl, IT Department

Use the experience of our experts

We would be happy to discuss your individual customization requests with you personally and advise you on add-ons that make your business easier. Free and without obligation!