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Z-ATLAS connection for SAP Business One

Optimize your customs processing with Z-ATLAS connection for SAP Business One​

Avoid annoying delivery delays and ensure smooth import and export of your goods, especially to countries outside the EU. With our Z-ATLAS connection for SAP Business One, you can ensure that you comply with all relevant rules and regulations to ensure an efficient customs clearance process.

Hassle-free customs clearance thanks to automated processes files

Electronic export declaration via ATLAS

Avoid annoying delivery delays through smooth customs clearance, especially for shipments outside the EU. The import and export of goods requires strict adherence to various regulations. With Z-ATLAS for SAP Business One you can ensure that all necessary documents for customs clearance are present and correct. The integration of all Incoterms as customs relations into your ERP system ensures an automated and problem-free process. box

Customizing your shipping systems made easy

For smooth processing, all relevant information such as goods tariff numbers, weight details, precise descriptions of the goods, country of origin and value including currency must be provided for each invoice item. For goods worth more than 1,000 euros, an electronic export declaration is required for parcel transport. Our solution makes it easier to customize your shipping systems and ensures that all necessary information is transmitted correctly. rocket

Automated tariff and local customs clearance system

Our solution enables automated tariff and customs processing in Austria, Germany and Switzerland via the ATLAS system. Customs declarations are generated directly from SAP Business One and sent electronically to customs. Once approved by customs, the relevant documents are automatically stored in the system. This means you have all relevant information and documents in view at all times. Image box: descriptive text

Developed for the requirements of medium-sized businesses flag

We are specialists when it comes to ensuring that your business processes are optimized with SAP Business One – or to support your individual business model with special solutions based on add-ons.

Käserei Birkenstock GmbH introduced SAP Business One to us in 2016. The team works reliably, implements things quickly and remains flexible. Through various customization options, SAP was perfectly adapted to the needs of the food industry. For example with the mobile

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Natürlich Eiszeit

We have been using SAP Business One since early 2020. This was set up for us by The system in connection with convinced us directly in the first conversation. Compared to all of the competitors we looked at,

RR Treppenlifte GmbH

We have been working with since 2018 and can only report good things. We, the company RRppenlifte GmbH from Cologne, sell all kinds of lift systems. Since we serve a broad range of products, it naturally was a very

Nimbus Health GmbH as SAP Business Partner has given us, Nimbus Health GmbH, a quick and competent entry into SAP Business One. Within a few weeks, we were able to map all processes and resources easily and efficiently in the cloud –

T2M2 Gesellschaft für Automation und Engineering mbH

Over ten years ago, we were the first customer of GmbH to introduce the SAP Business One software solution in our company. After our software partner at the time left the market, we were looking for a new ERP T2M2 Benny Brand

Use the experience of our experts

Optimize your customs processing and minimize administrative effort with our integrated solution. Find out more about Z-ATLAS and contact us for individual advice.

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