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The COMP.flat - Your flat rate for ERP Consulting & Support

Workflow with COMPflat

Automatic error detection and error message

Detailed analysis of the error pattern through regular monitoring of your systems

Direct acceptance of troubleshooting by one of our consultants

Active troubleshooting by one of our consultants

Error fixed and workflow completed

Workflow without COMPflat Workflow ohne COMPflat

Detection of an error by one of your employees

Try to solve the problem alone

Call our support team

Problem description

Recognition of the error pattern

Acceptance of troubleshooting by one of our consultants

Active troubleshooting by one of our consultants

Eventual queries from our consultants to your employee

Error fixed and workflow completed

COMP.flat, your flat rate for ERP Consulting & Support, is the optimal solution for small and medium-sized enterprises. You will receive an hourly quota at the fixed monthly price, which you can use for all ERP Support services. Individually customized to your company, we apply our know-how in a professional and performance-oriented manner, while also conserving your resources. Maintain full cost control! Contact us and choose the right package! Comp.flat is also available for the IT sector.

ERP Flat-rate for Consulting & Support - Price packages of COMP.flat

Your benefits with the ERP Flat-rate for Consulting & Support System

Proactive monitoring

Proactive monitoring allows us to detect errors before they occur. Thus, we reduce your downtimes and increase your productivity. We offer various options for this. remote

Remote maintenance & on-site service

Whether remote maintenance, telephone support, or on-site service - we solve problems as quickly as possible so that you can get back to work quickly. saving

Calculable & transparent costs

The monthly fixed price of COMP.flat enables you to calculate better. No more unexpected costs! advantage

Various packages to choose from

Through our variety of hour packages, you can flexibly choose how many hours you want to spend. If they do not need all hours, they do not expire. antivirus

Increased security

Benefit from more security by maintaining documentation, extended server monitoring, fast troubleshooting, importing security updates and optional monitoring of data backup support

Quick support

We offer you fast response times so that your business never stands still for long. With our proactive monitoring, we can even prevent many errors before they occur.

We are specialists when it comes to ensuring that your business processes are optimized with SAP Business One – or to support your individual business model with special solutions based on add-ons.
SAP Silver Partner Daniel Wallner

Use the experience of our experts

We would be happy to discuss the possible applications of the ERP Flat-rate for Consulting & Support with you personally and advise you on your individual customization requirements in SAP Business One. Free and without obligation!

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