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Your smart checkout solution in SAP Business One: user-friendly and analytical

With SAP Customer Checkout you cover all common requirements at the point of sale, from sales to discount campaigns. 

You want a smart cash system, suitable for the SME area? SAP Customer Checkout is the right PoS solution for your requirements. SAP Customer Checkout can be used independently or integrated with our ERP software, which opens up even more options. The solution supports the payment options cash, all common EC and credit cards as well as vouchers.

SAP Business One license costs

Customer Checkout On-Premise

990 /one-time
  • License is device-based e.g. a traditional POS terminal or tablet. The cost is 990€/one-time if you choose the purchase license plus maintenance costs.
  • Unlimited license price per POS terminal
  • Cash register for trade, kiosk or gastronomy
  • Implementation in a very short time

Customer Checkout Cloud

33 /Month
  • License is device-based e.g. a traditional POS terminal or tablet. The cost is €33/month if you choose the cloud model plus Datacenter costs
  • Rental license price per POS terminal
  • Cash register for trade, kiosk or gastronomy
  • Implementation in a very short time

Your main benefits at a glance cube

Standalone or integrated

SAP Customer Checkout offers you the choice: You can integrate the application into your SAP ERP solution so that the transaction data is transferred directly to your warehouse management and accounting systems, or you can use it independently. puzzle

Industry optimized

The user interface is specially tailored to the needs of several industries - for stationary retail, catering, and companies in the sports and entertainment sector. settings

Hardware independence

SAP Customer Checkout gives you the choice of hardware. You can use the application at any point-of-sale terminal suitable for your business.

Design a complete branch system

Offer your sales staff point-of-sale functions that enable outstanding performance. laptop

Central overview

In the fast-moving retail trade, it is important to plan purchases precisely and prevent bottlenecks. You can do this with an IT system that links the information from the branch with your supply chain management in real-time. You can evaluate your data at any time and always know exactly how much you have to order and which products are particularly profitable. price

Seamless sale

Pay in cash, by credit card or on account. Easily connect payment terminals or expand the solution with plug-ins. Payments can be split and accepted in multiple currencies. Special promotions such as discounts, membership cards, and apps can easily be integrated into your application at the point of sale. team

Simple master data management

Manage your master data, such as articles, price lists, and customers, either directly in the SAP Customer Checkout Manager or in a seamlessly integrated SAP ERP system. The solution recognizes existing customers by the customer number or by QR code on a smartphone or tablet. internet

SAP Customer Checkout can be installed on all common cash register infrastructures. The data is available to you anytime and anywhere. Even if your internet connection is unavailable, your employees can continue to work as normal. The software is available in different countries and language versions. writing

Real-time reports show you how much sales you have generated per store, cashier or item, and you see all relevant data up to date. Your employees experience it with just a few clicks. For example, you can further boost sales with targeted measures. Analyses can still be carried out during the day. send

SAP Customer Checkout can be used as an independent solution. However, you can flexibly expand the software with plug-ins at any time and adapt it as required to meet specific customer requirements.

We are specialists when it comes to ensuring that your business processes are optimized with SAP Business One – or to support your individual business model with special solutions based on add-ons.

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