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Secure environment, secure network - seamless monitoring of the IT infrastructure

Effective network and environment monitoring is essential for compliance with legal requirements and for the smooth operation of corporate IT. The combination of Paessler PRTG Network Monitor and Kentix MultiSensor provides the ideal solution for monitoring your entire IT infrastructure – including all important physical properties of the server room. This includes, for example, protection against overheating, motion detectors or power monitoring. Not only your technology – but also your employees and hence the maintenance of operations can be secured with intelligent fever scanners. 

PRTG und Kentix MultiSensor in Interaction Kentix infographic

Kentix SmartXcan
Fever screening reconsidered

Thanks to over 1000 measuring points, the Kentix SmartXcan Fever Screening immediately detects whether a person has an elevated body temperature. The screening offers highly accurate measurements, intuitive operation and fast scans in less than a second.

Physical measured values thanks to MultiSensor technology

Kentix is a manufacturer of professional monitoring solutions for the security of IT rooms, data centres and business critical infrastructure. Authorities and companies from all sectors of the economy secure their IT systems with Kentix MultiSensor technology against all major physical threats.

Continuous Network Monitoring with PRTG

PRTG is the standard for monitoring IT infrastructures: More than 200,000 administrators worldwide use PRTG to monitor their IT infrastructure. With PRTG you can centrally monitor your entire network: Apps, servers, hardware, software, websites, traffic, etc. The entire network is monitored around the clock to detect problems early and thus enable proactive action.

Your benefits at a glance cube

One system

Thanks to the predefined interfaces, you can monitor all important physical threats with just one system and see at a glance the availability and utilization of your devices and the use of bandwidth. searc

Identify risks early

Monitor up to 37 physical hazards such as overtemperature, burglary or fire using various sensors - with just one system. fingerprint

Manage access securely

Stay in control. With locking components for various doors and individually adjustable time-user profiles, you can obtain an access solution exactly to your requirements in no time at all. files

Detailed reports

Get the numbers, statistics and graphics for your specific configurations. Customizable reports provide the basis for optimizations, quality improvements and significant time and cost savings. list

Compliance with regulations

With our solutions we offer you a complete monitoring of the entire IT infrastructure. This way you comply with ISO27001 and the basic data protection regulation. chart

Distributed monitoring

A company with distributed infrastructure can integrate its own branch offices into a central network monitoring system, even if they are located behind firewalls and operate their own networks. bell

Flexible alarm

Are you on the way and want to be informed about your network anytime and anywhere? Look at the data from your network monitoring and get instantly alerted via push messages, e-mail or HTTP requests. laptop

Maps and Dashboards

Visualize your IT systems via real-time overview maps with live status information. live status information. Create dashboards according to your needs and integrate all your network components.

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