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COBI.ppc die BDE Toolbox

Webinar: COBI.ppc – The toolbox for the manufacturing industry

The basis for an optimal workflow within a manufacturing company is an exact and up-to-date information status of upcoming and ongoing productions. COBI.ppc, the PDA toolbox that adapts to your company, supports you in planning and implementation. In our webinar we will present COBI.ppc for the first time and show the diverse functions and customization options of the android-based solution developed for SAP Business One.

COBI.time Online Webinar

COBI.time is our sleek and modern solution for efficient personnel time recording. Learn in our online webinar how you can automate your personnel time recording and payroll accounting with COBI.time and use the extensive functions of COBI.time.

COBI.wms Online Webinar

COBI.wms is the modern solution for a simple and mobile warehouse management. Learn in our online webinar how you can use COBI.wms to extend your ERP solution with various standard modules.

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