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SpeicherBOXX GmbH GmbH has been providing competent support to our companies and locations in Gießen, Trier and Saarbrücken since it was founded in 2009 in all questions relating to IT and landline telephony. We place great value in the house on a powerful server architecture, secure backup solutions, security of data traffic and secure and functioning mobile data. From the beginning, we have distributed the tasks to various virtual servers based on powerful HP ESX servers. This enabled us to achieve a high level of operational security and data security. Bank programs and payment transactions in particular are separate from the client-server system and all customer data. The customer data is processed in the cloud by a service provider, the availability was 100% in 10 years. Mobile data access, required for nationwide consulting work, has been continuously expanded and is now also securely accessible to customers via a NextCloud system. Since the beginning of 2020, we have been able to improve our workflow in consulting by introducing Microsoft Teams and Trello. Due to the different locations, the discontinuation of ISDN and changed opening times, we have recognized the need for modern landline telephony. The experts from GmbH advised us well when planning, installing and introducing a 3XC telephone system. The transfer worked smoothly on the deadline without missing a customer call. We are convinced of the performance and professional competence of the specialist in service and organization of GmbH. A real partnership and availability even with time-critical problems. We look forward to the next few years together.

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