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Are you looking for a new challenge or would you like to lay the right foundations for a successful career as a career starter? A constant urge to innovate and the desire for new challenges are our driving force and ensure that we are always on the move.  There are many different teams behind our success and each individual plays an equally important role. Discover career opportunities – in IT services, consulting, sales, marketing, finance, human resources or development and technology.

Our Teams

IT Services

If the printer goes on strike, the servers crash or the phones are dead, our IT service is on the spot. Whether by phone or on site.

SAP Consulting

Every company has special requirements. Our consulting services take care of the implementation and everything to do with SAP.


Our sales team explains to our customers exactly which products are suitable for the customer and how they and our services work.

Finance & Office

To ensure that everything runs smoothly, our “Orga”-Team, as we affectionately call it, and financial accounting is indispensable.


We develop new software according to the wishes of our customers or work on in-house solutions.


Creative thinking, events, image editing, social media and page building – here we work closely with all corporate divisions.

For pupils and students

Passion for IT and technology, enjoyment of working in a team, joy about a good result, desire for a time abroad – we can offer all these to young people at With us, you will create optimal conditions for a successful professional life. We will not only train you in your chosen profession, but also promote your personal skills. If this sounds exciting to you, then find out about our offers of internships, training programs or the possibility of a dual system of study.



Available internships for pupils, students and young professionals: Gain valuable experience from the real working world with us.


With us you will create the ideal conditions for a successful start to your professional life. Find out about the many possibilities. Find out about the many possibilities.

Dual system of study

Work at simultaneously with a full course of studies at our partner university.

What should you bring?

Innovative spirit

Fascinated by new technologies and develops ideas that break old patterns of thought.


Accept challenges with pleasure. Shows enthusiasm and optimism and yet asks critical questions.


Is flexible, mobile and adaptable. Performs a wide range of different tasks.

Self Confidence

Convince through a professional appearance and presents itself more self-confident and convincing.


Works efficiently, independently and diligently and is involved in the team and the entire company.

Team spirit

Integrates into our existing team and brings his/her strengths to bear profitably.

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